We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our generous seed vendors and sponsors who have helped make this event possible. Please click on any of the logos to be directed to the company’s website. Thank you for supporting BC seed companies!

Seed Vendors

Ravensong Seeds and Herbals

We are a small artisan seed and herbal product business located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. We grow and gather fresh each and every one of the herbs we use to create the products we sell to you. Growing and gathering the herbs ourselves guarantees our first-hand knowledge of quality and sustainability, providing you with seeds and herbal medicines of the highest standard both medicinally and environmentally. http://ravensongseeds.com/

Good Earth Farms

We have a passion for saving seeds and promoting food security which started in 1999. In 2002 we started selling seeds and in 2004 we started stewarding our farm in Black Creek, the traditional territory of the Komox First Nation. We grow more than 60 varieties of Vegetable, Herb and Flower seed. All our seed is certified organic and natural and is 100% grown by us, open-pollinated and many heirlooms. We also are members of the BC Eco Seed Co-op. We are currently working hard at reducing our carbon footprint and plastic use. We are always grateful for the support of our customers. https://www.goodearthfarms.ca/

Rebecca’s Garden is a small operation in the Victoria area producing certified organic vegetables, berry fruits, flowers, herbs, seeds, and preserves. There are two farm locations. The first is nestled in the woods and grows the greens, roots, brassicas, berries, garlic, herbs, flowers, and other shade-loving crops. The second location is a south-facing slope on open terrain. Here the sun lovers are grown like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, squash, and beans. Seed crops are grown at both locations. Rebecca’s Garden is certified organic by Islands Organic Producers Association, IOPA # 1503. Click “Rebecca’s Garden Seed List 2021” above to see this year’s available seeds.

The BC Eco Seed Co-op is a producers cooperative of 20 farmers providing BC grown, certified organic and ecological seeds grown on our farms across British Columbia. From packet size to large bulk quantities, the BC Eco Seed Co-op has seeds for growers of all sizes. https://www.bcecoseedcoop.com/

Small Island Seed Co. We’re a small independent seed farm located on Protection Island, BC. We aim to increase local biodiversity by spreading seeds of rare, unusual, cold tolerant, and perennial food crops. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SmallIslandSeedCo

Planting Seeds Project

Established in 1991, we’re celebrating 30 years!  We continue to grow resiliency into seeds in Lytton, the Hot Spot of BC.  Benefiting from our challenging climate conditions of extreme heat and cold, wind, drought, fire inversions, and difficult soils, it is natural for our seeds to learn survival skills. This adaptively helps them thrive when planted in your gardens and fields.  Our seed focus spans from traditional foods and short-season vegetables, herbs, flowers, some wild collections, to experimenting with some longer-season varieties and even some heat-loving sub-tropical’s. We have farmed and worked with Indigenous peoples since the conception of this project, building relationships and supporting steps towards food sovereignty.  I continue working with Kanaka Bar Indian Band as the community garden lead, expanding mountainside gardens and reaching towards goals of food self-sufficiency, as well as farming seed.  Please connect for seed orders, sweet potato starts, and seed contracts! We also have hand crank winnowers and foot-pedaled threshers available for pre-order for this upcoming season, with some limited stock already available.


Laughing Swam Farm

From our award-winning tomatoes to our veggies, herbs & garlic, everything is naturally and sustainably grown here along the South Thompson River east of Kamloops. We have new varieties every year, as well as many great standards. All are non-GMO, of course! http://www.laughingswanfarm.com/

Sweet Rock Farm

We’re a small-scale, farm-based seed company, located on Gabriola Island, BC. We focus on growing top-quality seeds, which we sell at Seedy Saturdays in our region, in garden stores, and online. Our seed can also be found at the BC Eco Seed Co-op and at Salt Spring Seeds. All of the seed that we sell is grown by us on our farm. None of our seed is treated, GMO, or patented. They are open-pollinated, and you are welcome to save the seed and grow it out on your own, should you choose. https://www.sweetrockfarm.ca/

Omega Blue Farms is a heritage animal and heirloom plant conservation farm. The animal and plant varieties we utilize are maintained, restored, and improved using traditional breeding and “morganic” practices. Unlike the food found in the grocery store, the heritage foods we offer are grown from publicly (Canadian) owned genetics. By buying Omega Blue, you are supporting your own. http://www.omegabluefarms.ca/

Seeds of the Revolution (Saanich Organics)

We’re excited to let you know that Saanich Organics’ adventures in seed production have been going well. A few years ago, we started getting excited about seed. We are very concerned about narrowing corporate control of our seed supply and about the lack of regionally adapted,
organically grown seed. We decided to become part of the solution by starting “Seeds of the Revolution” (Saanich Organics seed). https://www.saanichorganics.com/seeds/

VanDusen Seed Collectors Store

Rare and unusual seed varieties collected from VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC are available online for purchase. The seeds collected contribute to conserving plant biodiversity and environmental sustainability. As new harvests ripen, our volunteers collect, clean, and prepare the new seeds. Our online store is constantly updated with new seeds available for purchase, so be sure to check back from time to time to see what’s new.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our volunteer activities have been suspended. Sign up on our webpage to be notified when our web store is open for sales once more. https://www.plantexplorers.com/vandusen/

Wise Woman Seeds is a small Shuswap/North Okanagan seed company that sells only open-pollinated seeds. We support community and school gardens and assist in establishing Food Security for all. https://wisewomanseeds.com/


For 29 years, the Compost Education Centre has offered a wide range of inspiration, education, and community connection on Lekwungen Territory: factsheets, site tours, child, youth and adult education, web/phone hotline services, and retail sales of compost bins and local garden seeds. Our demonstration site is open to the public to observe composting, food growing and conservation in practice. We host two large plant sales a year, and run the Healing City Soils program in partnership with Royal Roads University, which educates residents on heavy metal contaminant best practices and low-tech soil remediation options. Find out more at www.compost.bc.ca, follow us on Facebook @composteducation, and on Instagram @Compost Education



Backyard composting made easy! Speedibin composters are all metal and designed to keep out rats. A large lid makes it easy to add materials, a metal screen precludes tunneling in, and the front door lifts out to easily remove compost. Made in BC. Now powder coated and built to last. Free 16 page booklet included. Find tons of composting info at Speedibin.com. Turn waste into Earth! https://speedibin.com/pages/about-us

Remedy Eco Design

I offer consultation & ecological design services for people interested in land stewardship, self-sufficiency & habitat restoration. Whether you have an urban lot or a rural property I use integrative, permaculture-based practices to establish regenerative futures for each of my clients. These practices include, but are not limited to earthworks, rainwater capture & storage, and, plant polycultures to produce a variety of edible, medicinal & resource-based yields to increase biodiversity & ecological resiliency in today’s need for environmental sustainability. https://remedyecodesign.com/


We manufacture and sell rodent-proof insulated composters good for homes and institutions. Our equipment can produce usable compost rapidly. Our New Era Composters have been bear tested. http://joracanada.ca/en/