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Building a Zig-Zag Seed Cleaner

While there are many high-end air-driven seed cleaning machines on the market, such machines can also be made at home or on farm using readily available materials – reducing the cost of this seed cleaning method significantly. One of the well-known designs for a homemade air separator is the zig-zag seed cleaner, the building of which we describe in detail here.

Mobile Seed Cleaning Trailer with Clipper AGM 224

The highlight of the Seed Equipment Library is the complete Mobile Seed Cleaning Unit with a Clipper AGM 224 Fanning Mill. The mobile unit offers a range of seed cleaning options to meet most needs. Here is an overview of what is included with the trailer.   Cargo Trailer The trailer itself is a 7' x 12' cargo trailer with a 2" hitch ball. There is sufficient room to work inside the trailer, while many of the components can be removed and used on their own. The floor is solid vinyl which ma...


Refractometer for brix measurements

Mobile Seed Cleaner Design and Fabrication Overview
FarmFolk CityFolk
Author: Chris Thoreau
Date: 25/06/2019

Seed growers in BC have identified lack of infrastructure as one of their barriers to scaling up seed production. The Mobile Seed Cleaner came to fruition to help address this infrastructure gap and act as an educational tool to promote seed production in BC. The design is based on a mobile seed cleaner built by the Organic Farm School on Whidbey Island in Washington State and was designed and fabricated over the winter of 2018-2019. This document provides an overview of the Mobile Seed Cleaner,...

UBC Air Column Separator

This construction manual is intended for the purposes of building Farm Folk’s Seed Cleaning Unit. All materials can be locally sourced within the British Columbia, and no special equipment or processes are required for its construction.