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Over the winter of 2018-2019 we designed and built a mobile seed cleaning trailer for seed growers in BC. Equipped with multiple pieces of equipment including a Clipper fanning mill, air column separator, zig-zag seed cleaner, air compressors, a selection of hand screens and more, the seed trailer is a resource to help growers scale up seed production and more efficiently process seed to ready it for sale.

Housed in Abbotsford, the trailer is available for seed growers to use to clean bulk amounts of seeds. It can be used on site in Abbotsford or brought to your own farm for bigger seed cleaning jobs.

While we hope to train many growers and help growers clean much of their seed with this trailer, we also hope it will inspire others to start similar projects in their own regions to help create a network of seed cleaning sites across BC to help further scale up organic seed production across the province.

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