We are getting closer and closer to officially launching our mobile seed cleaner!

To get the Clipper ready we placed a thick sheet of plywood on the trailer floor and screwed it down. The Clipper was then bolted to this platform for extra stability.

The space behind the Clipper is perfect for housing our selection of 26 screen and will also be a good place to hang lighter supplies like broom and dustpans. We want to make good use of the limited space we have.

We placed 2 magnetic levels on the Clipper which will help level it when moving the trailer to a new location. It is important it is level for proper operation.

You can see from the images that the side doors open to give easy access for changing the screens and accessing cleaned seed.

Now all we need is the electrical connection and the Clipper is ready to go! If anyone knows an electrician who would like to donate some time – please let us know!

Other seed cleaning equipment is ready to go including compressors and fans and we are almost ready to start testing our homemade Zig-Zag Seed Cleaner. We are also still working with some UBC Engineering students on another air separator design!

See Images below:

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