We got a second coat of “Sun Valley” green on the trailer this week (well, mostly) and we’re now ready to receive our Clipper AGM 224 seed cleaner from Seedburo Equipment Company. The customs documents are completed thanks to Clearit.ca – Canadian Customs Brokers and now it is the waiting game!

We are grateful to Discovery Organics who will be helping us receive the seed cleaner and load it into the trailer; and to the Vancouver Food Pedalers Cooperative for giving us a place to store the trailer while we get it ready.

The next task is putting together training documents and videos (already started by Carla Hick!) and getting the trailer out to seed growers! We are also exploring ways to clean seed on farmers’ behalf (it’s easier to ship seeds across the province than tow the trailer!).

We can’t wait to get this unit into use! And for you to use it!

Grateful to Organic Farm School Organic Seed Alliance for the inspiration and support to make this happen!

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