We’re excited to have picked up the cargo trailer that will house our mobile seed cleaning unit. We’re still waiting for our Clipper AGM 224 Seed Cleaner to be shipped but we’ve already got a lot of equipment ready to go including air compressors, box fans, totes, tarps, seed counter, and a zig-zag seed cleaner. We still have a team of UBC engineering students designing us an air separator seed cleaner as well!

We’ll be installing some vinyl flooring and painting the inside to fancy it up a bit and then developing a system to make it publicly available along with other supplies from our new seed equipment library, online here: http://www.bcseeds.org/seed-equipment-library/

We can’t wait to start getting this unit out and about to farms and community gardens in southern BC!

Are you interested in a seed cleaning model like this for your community? We’ve been posting details of the process on our blog and have much more to come! We’d love to see more of these pop up around the province to support local seed production.

See Images Below:


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