Growing bulk volumes of seed to sell to a seed company can be an economically viable way to include seed production on your farm without the need to start your own packet sales seed company.

After talking to leading seed companies across North America we heard a resounding YES, there are many opportunities for new growers. Seed sales are growing and more local, ecological, and certified organic seed is needed. Especially for crops that grow well in BC climates.

We have developed a suite of resources to help seed growers better understand the process of growing seed on contract, what opportunities exist and how to get started.

Advice to get started (French Version here) (from those who have been there)

– Growing Seed on Contract: Salt Spring Seeds Case Study (French here)

– Growing Seed on Contract: Tourne-Sol Farm Case Study (French here)

– Growing Seed Contract: West Coast Seeds Case Study (French here)

Sample seed contract

Sample seed contract and introductory information from Fedco Seeds

Overview of Seed Regulation & Quality Assurance Best Practices

Organic certification for seed growers

COABC Conference presentation on Contract Growing Opportunities

Organic Seed Alliance and eOrganic have also just posted a number of contract growing and business development resources. Check those out here.

A special thanks to Dan Brisebois from Tournel-Sol Farm, Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds, Brian Campbell from West Coast Seeds, Jacob Keszey from High Mowing Seeds and Doug Winmill from CFIA for sharing your insights and experiences to contribute to the development of these resources.