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Eternal Seed
Address: 2309 Zilinsky RoadPowell River, BC
V8A 0N8

15 years experience in growing organically for seed, herbs and vegetables. Eternal Seed is a company that grew out of a personal, family interest in heirloom varieties. The hybrid  varieties offered today have been bred for ‘shipability‘.  Not an attractive criteria when no more than 100 feet separates our garden from our kitchen. We are interested in flavours, textures and aroma and we wanted to be able to sow the seed from our produce to grow next year‘s garden. We also have a concern for the...

Phone: 604-487-1304
Good Earth Farms
Address: 7636 Island Hwy.Black Creek. B.C.
V9J 1G6

Saving Seed has been the main focus of what we do from the start, although we do other things as well. We take a lot of pride in the quality of what we grow, in being truly sustainable, and supplying our local community. Our emphasis is on older varieties that have amazing flavour. We are trying to preserve a simple, age old way of life that has sustained people all over the world for ages.

Phone: 250-337-2261