It was a real treat to check in on the carrots today, kind of. There so many flies in the enclosure it was overwhelming. So, of course, I took a video!

Today also gave me the chance to tie up the carrots as they are getting more and more top heavy. A number of the plants outside have toppled over completely as we had a bit of rain and wind this weekend. But the carrots in the enclosure were still looking really good. I had already put in a trellis line for the outer edges – anticipating how hard it would be to get behind the plants once they were mature and flowering.

Now that they are tied up I shouldn’t have to do too much work with the plants in the enclosure. The next major step will be to watch for when the flowering period is starting to wain and look for young flowers. I will remove these as the likelihood of them maturing and setting seed will be lower and removing them will allow the plant to focus on the bigger and more mature flower. Then there is the harvest – but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it!

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