2017 Seed Mentorship Program

We’re happy to be accepting for applications to our 2017 Seed Mentorship Program!



Seed is a crucial part of any sustainable agriculture initiative and BC is well-known for its small-scale seed growers and seed companies. Many new farmers have a strong interest in seed and this program gives them a chance to connect with experienced seed growers to build on their seed growing and farming knowledge. This program helps cultivate a new generation of vegetable seed growers while acknowledging the experience of our existing seed growing community.

Program Goals

This program aims to:

  • Introduce new farmers and seed growers to basic vegetable seed growing concepts
  • Offer guidance to new seed growers as they plan & manage their vegetable seed crops
  • Offer, when possible, in-field experience handling crops allocated for seed production
  • Offer advising on harvesting, cleaning, and processing seeds for sale, trade, and personal use
  • Offer online training opportunities through Webinars and teaching websites
  • Build confidence in new seed growers
  • Strengthen BC’s network of seed growers, Mentors, and sustainable agriculturalists
  • Connect new seed growers Mentees with each other and other seed growers throughout BC

The Mentorship Program runs from March through November 2017.

Mentee Requirements

  • All Mentee applicants must be residents of British Columbia.
  • Commit to participating in 25-35 hours over the course of 9 months
  • Must have two or more years of vegetable farming or intensive vegetable growing experience
  • Participation in orientation sessions, webinars, and closing session as required
  • Complete an evaluation at the end of the program
  • Complete blog posts throughout the growing season
  • Support the creation of a work schedule with their Mentor
  • Agree to and sign Mentorship Agreement Contract upon program acceptance
  • Priority will be given (but not limited) to new entrants into agriculture ages 18-35, having been in operation for between two and five years with a desire to increase their seed-saving skills

Please note some program participation requirements for Mentees:

1. You must grow a seed crop in 2017 as part of the program.

2. $100 bonus stipend will be awarded for completing the following:

  • At least one farm visit with your Mentor (at either your farm or theirs, but ideally both!)
  • Attendance at one Field Day (including one which may take place at your own Mentor’s farm)
  • Completion of exit feedback survey

3. Failure to communicate with your chosen Mentor, or with program managers, over extended periods of time could result in removal from the program

Please note it is our goal to pay everyone a completion honorarium!

2017 Mentee Application can be found here

Mentor Requirements

  • Seed grower with five or more years of seed growing experience
  • Desire to play a leadership and Mentorship role in the BC Seed Community
  • Ability to communicate well with Mentee and Program Coordinators
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 25 hours of mentorship time over the 2015 season
  • Available for phone, email, and in-person mentorship meetings from May through the end of the season (if such an end can be said to exist!)
  • Agree to and sign Mentorship Agreement Contract upon program acceptance
  • Support the creation of a work schedule with their Mentee

2017 Mentor Application can be found here

Application Deadline: February 10, 2017 (still open – but hurry!!)

Selected Mentees and Mentors will be informed of their acceptance into the program in early March at which time program coordinators will arrange contact between the matched mentorship pairs.

For more information on this program please contact Chris: chris@farmfolkcityfolk.ca.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

This Mentorship is part of a nationwide program funded through USC Canada’s Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security with the goal of building a national movement to conserve and advance seed biodiversity, keep seed in the public domain, and promote ecological seed production.

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