The Seed Grow-Outs are designed to help farmers experiment with different varieties of crops and observe how well different varieties produce seed in diverse environments across the country.

Participating farmers grow out designated quantities of seed from regionally-adapted vegetable and field crop varieties, fill out crop descriptor forms for those varieties, and send designated quantities of seed to Seeds of Diversity’s Seed Library. You can grow out your own seed or request seed from the Seeds of Diversity’s Seed Library.

Participants in the program get to experiment with seed production and new varieties on their own farm, improve seed-saving skills, help build a regionally-adapted seed supply and increase the amount of local, ecologically-grown seeds to exchange with other growers.

Participants receive $100 – $300 for each successfully submitted crop.

If you are interested in participating in the 2018 Seed Grow-Outs, please take a few minutes to review the Vegetable Seed Grow-out Overview, which provides an overview of how the grow-out process will work this year. You can also view the crop descriptor forms to give you a sense of the data you will need to collect.

Our goal is to pool the seed grown-out from these varieties to make them available to seed growers and farmers interested in using or distributing farm-scale quantities of seeds. Seeds of Diversity’s intention is not to offer these seeds commercially, but to help aggregate bulk quantities of these seeds to make them available for the farmers and seed growers who produced them.


Sign up for the 2018 Seed Grow-Outs: