Richmond Seedy Saturday and 100 Year-Old Seeds!

Richmond Seedy Saturday and 100 Year-Old Seeds!

This weekend I (Chris) attended the Richmond Seedy Saturday with our BC Seed Trials display and to promote our new Citizen Seed Trial. Although a much smaller event than the Victoria Seedy Saturday I attended a few weeks ago, the Richmond attendees were very enthusiastic and we gave out all the Citizen Seed Trial packages we had on hand!

One unexpected treat from the Richmond Seedy Saturday was getting a reprint copy of an 1888 seed catalogue from Harold Steves that his family put out over a century ago. Having worked with seed growers for the past ten years here in BC, it is easy to get caught up in the present. But this little catalogue really spoke to me about the long history of local vegetable seed production that has existed here in BC.

I was lucky to procure a small sample of Harold’s London Flag leek which can be found in the seed catalogue. This has now been added to our leek variety list for the 2017 BC Seed Trials!

While seeing the great selection of vegetable seed dating back over 100 years was a treat, what stood out for me was the following passage at the beginning of the catalogue:

Realizing the need of pure and fresh seeds, led to the growing and saving sufficient seeds of some of the important varieties for home needs. These seeds proved so superior to those that could be bought from ordinary seedsman, and the climate and soil of this locality being so favorable for the production of seeds of nearly all kinds, I have resolved to try my luck in this province as a pioneer seed grower, and kindly ask you to at least give me a trial order.

One has to wonder how this pioneering seed grower laid the foundation for today’s seed growers and seed companies here in BC…



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