Monday at the EMR Seed Library

Monday at the EMR Seed Library

Monday at the EMR Seed Library

OK, let’s see if I can get caught up a bit here! It’s Wednesday evening and I still have stuff from Monday to write about…

So, after the Food Network meeting on Monday I headed to the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Resources (EMR) which houses the Agriculture Branch. I started off by visiting their new seed library.

The seed library is integrated into the EMR Library, which is open to the public.  The branch started the seed library earlier this year and it turned out to be very popular. On a budget of about $200, with a repurposed metal cabinet, a few new books, and some fancy flyers they have done a great job getting their seed library going! They purchased a bunch of bulk seeds from West Coast Seeds and a few other companies, repackaged them and got them out to the community. The success of getting the seed out to the community was disappointing for me since the empty seed cabinet did not make for a great picture!

Now, as the season is coming to an abrupt close here, Heather Sweeney, Research & Systems Librarian at the EMR library, is looking forward to getting some of the saved in the community back into the seed library. Today (while I was driving back from Dawson) the library had a “How did your garden grow?” day with local Master Gardener Randy Lamb. This was a chance for seed growers to share their tragedies and triumphs, and to contribute their saved seed back to the library!

As I was writing this I also did an email introduction between Heather and Matthew Kemshaw who has been working at establishing seed libraries and a seed library network here in BC. Matthew has been really working to connect seed libraries here in BC so I see no harm and getting some Yukon folk in there as well!

This seed library visit, like all my interactions here in Whitehorse so far, has made me appreciate it here more and more. I met both Heather and the branch manager, Anna on my visit and they both showed a very warm Whitehorse hospitality – which is very typical. In fact, as I write this I am in the Hostel sipping a wee dram of single malt whiskey which Nancy, my very pleasant host shared with me as I sit here typing while everyone around me talks about their adventures in the North. Yup, I’m the lame dude from Vancouver sitting at his laptop. Nah, I’m pretty damn cool, too!

Can’t wait to share the story of my amazing breakfast on Wednesday morning in Dawson – if I ever get to it!

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