Hello everyone from the Kootenays.

Oh the weather and local wild life.
I would say this has be once challenging year for my foray into larger seed saving. On the night of September 12th we had a good frost, which has changed the direction of my beans seed saving program. Prior to this frost the local “wild Turkey’s” have bean fattening up for Thanks Giving too. (If we can catch one or two)  Did you know Turkeys love Radicchio and Endive, yep about 300 heads all gone.
Tomatoes, hmm. Never really thought to cover these sweeties. I am paying the price now. The cool and rain spell we had really did not agree with there growth. I have harvested a number of the fruits and am hoping to see how the seeds with turn out and germinate.
I hope this coming week and is projected sunny weather will give me the opportunity to harvest my lettuce seeds.  I will keep you posted.
Ah Fava bean’s seems all good here planted lots this year to build up enough to add to my cover crop mix.  I think I have close to 20lb and more to pick. Love the Fava’s
All in all it has giving me an opportunity to experience these relatively simple crops to grow out for seed another perspective, I may face here or there in the future of my seed saving.
Michael, still hoping for some germination on those Kwintas beans.

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