Friday Research Focus Group

Friday Research Focus Group

BC Seed Grower Research Focus Group

Friday, November 3. 1:30 – 3:30

The BC Seed Gathering is a great time to engage seed growers on important discussions around seed and seed systems. Chris Thoreau, Seed Security Program Manager at FarmFolk CityFolk, is hosting this research session as part of his Masters research at UBC around community seed systems in British Columbia.

The vegetable seed grower community in BC has been active for decades and the past five years have been very active with the support of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. This focus group will be an open discussion on the BC seed grower community – where it came from; where it is; What it is doing; and where it is going. Some topics of interest for the purposes of this research project include:

  • Goals of the BC vegetable seed grower community
  • How important is scale in local seed production?
  • The role of cooperatives in increasing local seed production
  • How well do BC farmers understand the economics of seed production on their farms?
  • How do we meld the political with the economic aspects of seed production?
  • Where are the biggest gaps/weaknesses in our local vegetable seed system?
  • What are the biggest successes of the BC seed grower community and how do we share this with others?

Insights from seed growers in BC are valuable in understanding the BC seed system and what it has to offer other communities. It will also help help identify areas of weakness, where we can focus future research and outreach initiatives.

Lunch is provided!

As this is an academic research project I will ask that participants sign a consent form when attending the focus group. The session will be recorded, but no comments will be attributed to any participant without their permission. The recording will be used for transcription and analysis and stored on a secure UBC server. The recording will be deleted once the research is complete.

Focus Group Consent Form for your Review

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