Wow 11 more days and the light begins to return.  After one of the wettest and frost-free falls we now have frozen ground and a nice layer of snow.
In my last post I explained that is was very challenging for me to venture into a larger and exploratory seed growing season. And since that post I had the opportunity to harvest the largest amount of Fava Bean seeds ever! This gives me a nice smile as I can start adding these seed into an area as a cover crop mix with other seeds.
Upon reflecting from this season’s challenges I see personal growth in better planning to spend more time and attention to the plants growing for seed. Even considering my challenges were not neglect but rather weather and animal pressure, more fencing for 2017. When planning for seed saving next year I see that placement in the gardens can also be an improved benefit. The area I chose for this year was in between some winter root crops.  The area has good soil, but it was not as rich as other areas in the garden that I planted my high rotation or more demanding crops. More compost will be added in the beds for seed growing in 2017.
I did get to harvest a small amount of Kwintas beans, a little more than planted, but have yet to see if they will germinate.
Reflecting back, having read what we as a group were all up to, I see a good nourishment that developed. Grateful to have had this opportunity to participate in this program.  Much thanks to Chris to help coordinate us and help link it all with the Bauta family. Also to my good friend Patrick Steiner, who it has always been a good pleasure to talk seeds with or parenting tips.

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