Welcome to Citizen Seed Trial 2021. This season we will be trialing tomatoes, snow peas, and beets. The trials will be geared towards understanding regional adaptation, variety selection, and aspects of plant breeding.

We use the web platform SeedLinked to gather our trial results. On March 19, you will receive an email to register with SeedLinked that you must respond to by March 26. At this point, you will be asked for your mailing address and trial selection. You may participate in one, two, or all three of the variety trials. Registering for SeedLinked is a crucial step in participating in the CST trials.

Schools and other community programs are welcome to take part in the Citizen Seed Trial. Please register as an Organization.

Tomatoes | This trial compares two similarly sized tomato’s that potentially have very different growth and production characteristics. We will be comparing for earliness, yield, and flavour as well as other characteristics.
The first variety is Stupice, a fairly well known old heirloom tomato from Czechoslovakia and arose in 1955 from a cross made at the cultivator station in the community of Stupice (near Prague). This variety was grown on our Research and Education Seed Farm in 2020.
The second variety was an off type that came from an accidental cross of an Alpha and Aurora tomato. This came from Glorious Organics Co-op and was produced in 2018. This variety is early producing and potentially has good blight resistance.

Snow Peas |We will be trialing two vastly different snow pea varieties, Slocan snow pea and Beauregarde snow pea. This is a good fit for first time CST participants and those interested in learning more about plant science.

Beets | We will be trialing two F2 Gold x Candy Striped breeding populations. The populations have the same parents but have been selected by two different people.  As a biennial, saving beet seeds is a more advanced process. 

The Citizen Seed Trial is completely free to take part in. Seeds will be sent to your address in early April.

Registration for the 2021 Citizen Seed Trial is now closed. You can follow along with the trial in the Citizen Seed Trial Facebook group.