Keep your eyes peeled in early 2020 for the next Citizen Seed Trial!

Supported by Metro Vancouver, the Citizen Seed Trial is entering its fourth year in 2020. Our aim is to bring growers of all scales into the seed conversation. This is a seed trial that can be done in a small space, with a low time commitment. It is ideal for beginner seed savers and backyard (or balcony) gardeners.

The 2017 program focused on lettuce, and 2018 focused on cherry tomatoes – each with 4 varieties to trial and track. 2019 was a tomato adaptation trial, focusing on adaptation across different climates. The trial consisted of one tomato variety sourced from 4 different seed companies across North America (including BC). Participants were walked through planting, care, observations, and data collection via email updates and social media. Later in the season, we shared seed saving information so participants could take their crops from seed-to-seed. This is a great way to learn more about seed growing, indulge your inner scientist and be a part of the growing BC seed community!

Join the Citizen Seed Trial Facebook group to share experiences and ask questions!

For more 2019 trial information, visit the 2019 Adaptation Trial page.

The Citizen Seed Trial is a complement to the BC Seed Trials, a collaboration between FFCF and the University of British Columbia, that is working with farmers to identify the best performing varieties of important vegetable and seed crops.


Carol Stewart · January 23, 2018 at 12:35 pm

We plan to run the trial in our community garden collaborative plot.

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