Introducing the 22-week online Certification Course in Organic Vegetable Seed Production through the Canadian Organic Growers! This flexible online course is delivered with online readings and webinars while studying The Organic Seed Grower book by John Navazio and Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties by Carol Deppe. The experienced course instructors are Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds and Mary Brittain of The Cottage Gardener Heirloom Seedhouse.

The certification has 5 courses over the study period;

1. Organic Farming Practices

2. Organic Seed Production and Harvesting

3. Organic Seed Quality Assurance

4. The Business of Organic Seed Production

5. On-Farm Organic Plant Breeding

The students in the course (I, Carla included) create a commercial seed farm plan based on the needs of their regional climatic growing conditions.Since I do not have a farm yet, my plan will be for an imaginary plot of land in the Lower Mainland bio-climactic region. Feel free to check out or follow my seed plan blog if you would like. The certification course also offers an optional hands-on practicum where a student will be matched up with a seed production mentor in their region and receive valuable face to face and field learning. I will not be taking the practicum since my work over the year with the BC Seed Trials will complement, enrich and facilitate my learning in this endeavor. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about organic seed production and will provide the necessary training and knowledge to begin to save your own seeds, commercially produce seeds or breed your own vegetable varieties. Furthermore, this course provides perspective on the seed industry, seed security and the sustainability of our farming future.