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Local Seeds for Local Food
BC Organic Grower - Winter 2019 (Volume 22, Issue 1)
Michael Marrapese

Agriculture as we define it today has existed for roughly 12,000 years. Though the practices have been refined over millennia, modern farmers would still recognize the intent and the activity as ‘farming.’ We can find examples of plants we recognize as cereal grains, peas, barley, wheat, rice, and squash dating back 10,000 years. What makes this possible is that all these food plants produce seed.

BC Ministry of Agriculture New Entrant Strategy
BC Ministry of Agriculture
AgriService BC

New entrants to agriculture face significant barriers to entry. The rising cost of agriculture land and inputs makes it increasingly difficult to start-up a farm. From 2011 to 2016, the total number of B.C. producers fell from approximately 29,000 to 26,000 and the average age rose to 56 years. Despite these trends, the number of B.C. producers under the age of 35 increased by 205 to 1,825. New entrants, from diverse backgrounds, are entering the agricultural and agrifood sector across the provi...

Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Washington's agricultural industry may be better known for the apples, carrots, hops, or wines produced here; however, the small-seeded vegetable seed grown in this state is the foundation for a major share of vegetable production in the United States and worldwide. Washington is known to produce high-quality vegetable seed: an essential ingredient in any crop equation. Without quality seed, no matter how much time growers spend preparing the land and controlling pests, they cannot produce prime...

Selling Seeds in Washington State
Washington State Department of Agriculture

According to the WSDA Seed Program, Washington State now has over 70,000 acres in seed production, an increase of 30% since 2012. While mostly alfalfa, corn, and grass seed dominate this acreage, other farms are cultivating vegetable and flower seed both for on-farm use and to sell directly to consumers or contractually to seed companies. WSDA’s Seed Program can help guide producers through the regulations that govern seed sales to ensure high quality seed reaches the marketplace and complies wi...

2018 Canadian Vegetable Breeding Priorities Report
2018 Canadian Vegetable Breeding Priorities Report
UBC, USC Canada

This report represents the first effort to document information about plant breeding priorities that was previously only available anecdotally. More extensive research with an effort to improve response rates would further substantiate the findings presented here. However, when viewed alongside regional approaches to priority setting for plant breeding, the survey results can provide a broader national context for participatory organic/ ecological vegetable breeding. We hope it will be useful fo...

Building a Zig-Zag Seed Cleaner

While there are many high-end air-driven seed cleaning machines on the market, such machines can also be made at home or on farm using readily available materials – reducing the cost of this seed cleaning method significantly. One of the well-known designs for a homemade air separator is the zigzag seed cleaner, the building of which we will describe in detail here.

Dawson Creek Municipal Public Library
1001 McKellar Avenue Dawson Creek, BC. V1G 4W7
Squamish Seed Library
37907 2 Ave, Squamish, BC
V8B 0A7

Located at the Squamish Public Library

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Summerland Seed Library
9533 Main Street Summerland, BC
V0H 1Z01

Located at the Summerland Public Library

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(250) 494-559
Robert’s Creek Seed Library
1044 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0

Located at the Robert's Creek Community Library. Managed by the Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective.

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(604) 885-9401
Sechelt Seed Library
5797 Cowrie St, Sechelt, BC
V0N 3A0

Located at the Sechelt Public Library. Managed by the Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective.

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(604) 885-3260
Surrey Seed Library
12854 17 Ave, Surrey, BC
V4A 1T5

Located at The Ocean Park Library

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Vancouver Communities Seed Libraries

Check listings for many seed libraries around Vancouver.

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Grandview Woodland Community Seed Library

You can sign up at the seed library when you check out seeds for the first time during one of the seed library events or when we have a booth at community events. To find out about upcoming events, sign up for the newsletter!

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Little Seed Library

A "Little Seed Library" is a portable box containing seeds. It can be displayed at various events to share seeds for free and to encourage gardening. Make your own "Little Seed Library"! Pick a box, Gather the seeds, Display at events, Share!

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EastVan Seed Library

Operating in the East Vancouver Community

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Cedar Cottage Seed Sharing Library
3360 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC
V5N 4M4

Located at the Trout Lake Community Centre

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UBC Seed Lending Library
1961 East Mall Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

Located in the Woodward and Education Libraries at UBC, Vancouver Campus

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Victoria Seed Library

Located at Greater Victoria Public Library Branches. To participate in the Seed Library, please attend a member orientation session and become a member. Membership is free and includes access to seeds, classes and other resources.

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The BC Seed Trials
The BC Seed Trials
LFS Reach Out

Growing local: the BC Seed Trials You might know where the veggies on your table come from, but do you know where the seeds are grown? It’s a question even most farmers can’t answer, but the BC Seed Trials aim to show the impact of using local seeds. “Knowing where your seeds come from is really important,” says lead researcher Dr. Alexandra Lyon. “Because farmers are losing access to varieties that work really well for them, particularly in organic agriculture.” The BC Seed Trials were launched...

UBC Beet Tasting
UBC Beet Tasting
CBC News Vancouver Saturday

Starts at 7 minutes and 15 seconds in the video.

Seed Mentorship Program
Vegetation Station Radio Program

Radio segment with Chris Thoreau on the VegetationStation

New Co-op Invests Only in Local Food Producers and Distributors
BC Almanac - CBC Radio

BC Almanac discussion on food security featuring Chris Thoreau

North Vancouver Seed Library
120 14th Street West, North Vancouver, BC
V7M 1N9

Located at the North Vancouver City Library

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Pemberton Seed Library
7390 Cottonwood Street, Pemberton, BC
V0N 2L1

Located at the Pemberton and District Public Library and Operated by Stewardship Pemberton Society

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Richmond Seed Library 
7611 Ash St. Richmond, BC
V6Y 2S2

Hosted by Richmond Food Security Society.

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The Radicle Seed Library
129 McPhillips Ave, Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2T6

Located at the Salt Spring Island Public Library

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(250) 537-4666
Kalamalka Seed Library
7000 College Way, Coldstream, BC
V1B 2N5

Located in the Okanagan College Library - Vernon Campus

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Kamploops Seed Library 

An initiative of the Kamloops Food Policy Council. Seed library also offers seed cleaning equipment to use.

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Kwantlen Polytechnique Seed Library
20901 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC
V3A 8G9

Located at KPU, Langley Campus Library

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Lillooet Seed Library

Operated by Lillooet Food Matters. For more information about how to access the winnower or any conversations you'd like to have about seed saving please contact Eleanor Wright at eleanor.ronaele@gmail.com

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Beet Trials Target “Seed Sovereignty”
Beet Trials Target “Seed Sovereignty”
Country Life in BC

While the curiosity and qualms of many visitors were audible around the kiosk where samples were being doled out, the diversity of opinion was exactly what co-ordinator Chris Thoreau wanted. The more people who participated in the taste test, the better the range of feedback he would have regarding consumer experience of the root vegetable that can be served pickled, roasted, chipped or – as unlikely as it sounds – in ice cream. “The tasting events are a great way for us to engage the public in...

Seed Saving Plan Will Reduce Dependence on Big Companies
Seed Saving Plan Will Reduce Dependence on Big Companies
Country Life in BC

CHILLIWACK – One of the biggest problems facing small, local farmers is not weather nor weeds, it is access to seeds. Seed security and seed saving, particularly of heritage varieties suited to local conditions, has been a recurring topic at recent Certified Organic Associations of BC conferences, and has become a major focus at Farm Folk/City Folk. For the past few years, FF/CF has been working with the University of BC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and farmers in the Fraser Valley and on...

Helping B.C. Vegetable Seed Farmers Harvest New Opportunities
Helping B.C. Vegetable Seed Farmers Harvest New Opportunities
BC Ministry of Agriculture

The people involved in the first stage of growing fresh and healthy B.C. vegetables are getting some help to increase the amount of local food grown in their communities. British Columbia’s seed farmers will be able to expand their businesses through a comprehensive project that includes help in growing, processing, managing and marketing their products. The not-for-profit organization, FarmFolk CityFolk, is leading a project to increase both the production capacity and customer base of seed far...

How to Grow a Seed Collective: A Community Template for Seed Saving
How to Grow a Seed Collective: A Community Template for Seed Saving
Robin Wheeler

"The growing power of seed multinationals (with their worrisome use of Genetically Modified products and seed patenting), coupled with greater international financial distress has made community seed saving more important than ever. Readily accessible, locally appropriate supplies of varied seed are important to communities and will be even more so in the near future. Hopefully, instead of being held for an emergency, these seed collections will become a vital part of ongoing community life. Man...

Seed Works Video Series
Seed Works Video Series

This series of short videos covers introductory seed saving practices with Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds, Jon Alcock of Sunshine Farms and David Catzel of Fraser Common Farm. Filmed on location on working farms, the series provides the next best thing to hands-on experience to beginning seed growers.

Tuscan Kale Frittata
Carla Hick

Prep Time: 20 mins Cooking Time: 20 mins Servings: 6 Ingredients: 6 Ribs of Lacinato Kale – Rib removed and leaves thinly sliced 2 Small White Onions – Diced small 2 Small Red Potatoes (~ 1 cup) – Cut in half lengthways and then sliced widthways paper-thin – Store in water if more than 10 mins away from cooking 6 Cloves Garlic – Minced ½ Cup Grape Tomatoes – Halved 10 Small Eggs – Whisked 2 Tbsp 35% Cream 1 tsp Rosemary Leaves - Finely chopped 1 Tbsp Butter 2 Tbsp Olive Oil – (½ tsp for potatoes...

Easy Crock-Pot Vegetable Stew with Kale
Carla Hick

Prep Time: 15 mins Cooking Time: 4 Hours Servings: 8 – 10   Ingredients: 398ml Can of Cannellini Beans 796 Can of Diced Tomatoes + Juice (Rinse can with ½ Cup of water to get all the flavour) 3 Cups Chicken (or vegetable) Stock ½ Cup Basmati Rice – Rinsed 1 Large Onion – Large Dice 8 Cloves Garlic – Chopped Fine 1 Medium Hot Chili – Minced (keep seeds for extra heat) 2 Large Carrots – 1” half Wheels    2 Bay Leaves 1 Tbsp Rosemary Leaves – Chopped Fine 2 tsp Oregano Leaves – Chopped Fine 2 tsp B...

Cous Cous & Kale Salad
Carla Hick

3 Parts Prep Time: 20 mins Chilling Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 10 mins Full Servings: 2 Side Servings: 4 Part 1: Cous Cous Ingredients: 2/3 Cup Cous Cous 1 Cup Chicken (or Vegetable) Stock 1 tsp Olive Oil 1 tsp salt Method: Bring wet ingredients and salt to boil. Add cous cous, remove from heat, cover with lid and let stand for 5 mins Remove lid, fluff with fork. Transfer to a container with high surface area. Cool uncovered in the fridge   Part 2: Kale Ingredients: 8 Ribs of Lacinato Kale – D...

BC Seed Security Program
BC Seed Security Program
The Islanders Grapevine

I would like to bring your attention to the recent Ministry of Agriculture press release about vegetable seed program funding at FarmFolk CityFolk. FarmFolk CityFolk's Seed Security Program is focused around helping organic farmers scale up production of high-quality organic vegetable seed. We run a number of training and outreach programs and have developed a suite of tools to give organic farmers more information on integrating seed production into their farming operations. These resources inc...

South Saanich Seed Bank & Exchange
260 – 4243 Glanford Ave, Victoria, BC
V8Z 4B9
Lana Popham, MLA, BC Minister of Agriculture

Located at the South Saanich Community Office

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250 479 4154
Castlegar Seed Library
1005 3RD Street Castlegar, BC
V1N 2A2

Located at the Castlegar & District Public LIbrary

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Chetwynd Seed Library 
5012 46 ST, Chetwynd, BC

Located at the Chetwynd Public Library

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Dan McMurray Community Seed Bank

Supported by the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition

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Hudsons Hope Seed Library 
9905 Dudley Drive Hudson's Hope, BC
V0C 1V0

Located at the Hudsons Hope Public Library

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Trial Evaluation Worksheet
Trial Evaluation Worksheet
Organic Seed Alliance

Use this record sheet to score variety trials, including documenting varieties and trait scoring. Also see our variety trial planning worksheet.

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Variety Trial Planning Worksheet
Variety Trial Planning Worksheet
Organic Seed Alliance

Use this worksheet to plan variety trials in your field. This document includes instructions and sections for capturing desired traits, varieties in the trial, planning tips, field assessments, trial layout, and evaluation criteria and timing. Also see our trial evaluation worksheet.

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