Good Day All
My mentor is Mojave Kaplan, the Seed Warrioress!
What I know is we both farm on the West Side of Lytton, and Mojave is a high in-demand seed expert. When not on her land she is farming, Mojave is busy travelling around with her seeds, educating people and providing good seeds that she sells.
We have just got our 1882 water system, ditch and flume line, repaired. It was a huge job, with husband and children and their friends enthusiastic volunteers got it done over the last few weeks.
I have my box of seeds ready to go…as beans are a high in-demand food and storable, I am planning on doing some beans. I also would like to work with one of the wild growing foods, Tseweta, as it is good medicine in addition to being good food. I will pick one other with Mojave who is going to visit this week.
The seeds I have are all listed in groups to see what I have. I will buy what I don’t.
I was just gifted with a truck load of starter plants from Stein Mountain Farm Organics, to help me out this year. They are such generous neighbours and really appreciate their support, as they are long established local experts. We just also built a small greenhouse, 8′ x 12′ and look forward to getting our seeds started in there. We have a water mister set up and it worked great for the first time last night. I was just checking on the potatoes that went in a couple of weeks ago, with no water, and they got their first drip line water yesterday also.
My words of wisdom are ‘Have faith, work hard, do your best, and it will all work out’. If we do our best and have courage to ask for and accept the help we need it can’t get better than that!
Spapium ‘Little Prairie’ Farm