Patrick and Michael


Hello All from the North End of Kootenay Lake.

Patrick Steiner, who is my Mentor, runs Stellar Seeds in Johnson’s Landing, about 15-20 min south from my gardens. He has a good many years, 10 or so behind him, in the seed business for a young and energetic guy with a great sense of humour, too. He grows a good variety of seed crops with a great interest in biennials like carrots.

This past Friday, Patrick came out to visit the farm, we had our first field seed growing chat. Up until this point it has been via the phone, internet or our brief connections in around our community.

For this season we have discussed crop selection based on my personal interest, adaptability to our area and what the market potential is that is reflective on what Earth Temple Garden produces. I have limited my varieties to four. This will help keep it simple and give a clear focus on the chosen crops. My focus this is Kwintas pole beans, Rutabagas, San Marzano paste Tomatoes and two kinds of lettuce, Crips Mint and Drunken Women.

Aside from the Tomatoes and Lettuce the plants are in the ground. After this full moon on Friday, May 20th, it will be right to bring the rest out to the garden. Traditional I have been saving a variety of Fava beans and Leeks for the past 4 years, so I am continuing with these too.

A continual learning experience, Spring time has much momentum behind it, no matter how prepared you could be there is always changes to plans. When I selected out the Rutabagas for seed saving they were looking great. Then when I pick them up from the storage to plant much had changed in the plants visible vigour. I planted them anyway and am patiently waiting to see what happens. Some times written plans don’t always jive with our earthly rhythms, or may be they do!