For the past two years I’ve dabbled (very little) with seed saving, the idea has been on my mind for a few years now, and I am so happy to have a mentors to help with all the questions that I have. In preparation for seed saving we have made beds, sorted and planted, carrots and onions.
Mojave Kaplan is my Mentor for this growing season. We have had many causal conversations about seed saving through the years.
Mojave’s farm is located, 3 miles north of Lytton BC, on the west side of the Fraser River. Mojave is the owner of the Planting Seed Project, and has been growing a variety of crops throughout the years. She is also involved in many seed initiatives throughout BC.
We’ve set some goals for this year focusing mainly on tomato crops, as well as carrots and onions. Mojave and I talked about the cross pollination between carrots and Queen Anne’s Lace. Although, we have not been able to connect at her farm, I do look forward to further discussing crop separation and hand pollinating techniques.